ANC 1B04 Civic Association Meetings and Updates

Virtual Meeting Registration:

The ANC 1B04 Civic Association is for all Residents and Businesses in Ward 1, Washington D.C. throughout the 1B04 Neighborhood.

Meetings are held on the 1st Saturday of every month at 2 p.m.

Registration for the monthly meetings is required. Send an email to ANC1B04@GMAIL.COM to receive all details.

Making The Time for Racial Justice


ANC 1B04 Civic Association Members are Advocates For Racial Justice

ANC 1B04 Civic Association Members work hard together to eliminate racial disparities in our city. We proactively develop ways to address and achieve racial equity in the District of Columbia. We also believe the government plays a critical role in acknowledging the root causes of existing disparities and we want to help the government to put in place innovative and courageous policies to confront them.

We acknowledge that Our Community members are Our Real neighbors. We Believe that Strong communities are built on Strong Relationships. We encourage community members to have conversations about issues that matter to them in a way that is constructive, civil and builds community.

We do not tolerate Racism, hateful language, or Discrimination of any kind.

We work on ways to End Racism in Our Community as Our Collective Responsibility.

Tool on How to Measure Racism

When a measurement of positve and inclusive change from past dark practices has been achieved, we can move forward.
We need Each Other to Achieve Success in Changing Racial Injustice.