Thank You For Your Support!

I will help our local businesses thrive and work to make our neighborhood safer, cleaner and more inclusive. Our single-member district needs a strong, compassionate, and sincere leader. I believe that I am the best candidate for ANC 1B04.  I am well-versed in the issues facing our neighborhood and with the many opportunities for improvements in the areas of public safety, transportation and the local economy. Leadership means listening to everyone. If we want to address the challenges facing our local community, our ANC needs leaders who are proactive, responsive and empathetic. That’s who I am and that’s how I’ll lead as Commissioner for ANC 1B04. I have the skills, values and drive needed to instigate positive changes in our district, and I would be honored to have your support.

As My Neighbors always know that I believe that I have a Civic Responsibility to see and care about my neighborhood. I believe in being accessible and being on top of the concerns of my neighbors. I believe in providing information on all the social media platforms and making phone calls, visiting via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and socially distanced meet-ups. I let my neighbors know that I am going to be there when they need me. I help with love and kindness. I educate on how to access city services. I keep city agencies on speed dial. I create a partnership with all who I serve and give detailed reports on the projects that I have taken the responsibility to work with. This community is my heartbeat. Thank You for Your Support.

Paid For By Karen Gaal