How Can I Help YOU?

ANC 1B04 Commissioner Candidate

I am a lifelong Ward 1 Washington, D.C. Resident. I am a Community Organizer. I am a Civic Leader. I am an Urban Administrator. I am a Business Owner. I am a Proven Great Cook.💗 I am Passionate for Policy & Politics and Serving Our Community and Most of All I am Your Neighbor!

My Dear Neighbors, I am here to continue to Listen and Support You. I have Civic Responsibility in my DNA starting off as a Brownie Girl Scout and 4 H Club member to an Active Candidate for ANC 1B04. It is my neighbors, the businesses, the people, behind the stories and numbers, that wake me up every morning with a passion for this work. I believe in showing up. It is the investment in people that will translate into transformational change in our communities. An ANC Commissioner has two important jobs: 1) advising All the City Officials on key local issues; and 2) helping residents navigate city services. If you live in 1B04, I’ll be your advocate in both situations. My firm belief is that Our Community is Our Responsibility and that is why I am here. I believe partnerships and collaborations are what makes neighborhood development successful. Our neighborhood is beautiful and strong. We need to always see our connections and visions that we all share together. Everything I do is about strengthening our community. That means listening to neighbors, considering all views, and being very clear about any decisions that I make. With Your Vote I will continue to support you as Your New ANC 1B04 Commissioner!

As you vote this year and you place a check mark beside Karen Gaal it is because this is Our Home and this is Our Community and Our Vision! 

I value your time.
I am here to support and help You to create a community in Washington, D.C. that works for Everyone.
We can work hard together to reimagine Our approaches for resolving Our community’s challenges.

We must deal with crime and violence at their root causes, not with institutionalized violence. I fully support and will actively fight for increasing DC resources to support mental health and social support programs that work hand-in-hand with the community. I think that we should all take this opportunity to bring a new dependable voice into a collaborative effort that drives the mission for Our community. I am that voice! Please elect me as your ANC 1B04 Commissioner. I love Our Community, I Love Washington D.C. and I Love ANC 1B04. Please VOTE For Me.🗳

In Service Always!