Karen’s Proven Leadership in ANC 1B04

Karen Gaal Epitomizes Community Leadership. Karen Leads Unselfishly and Consistently

Karen Gaal is a Proactive voice on diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion. Karen brings her unique energy with her service and her consistency to lead, advocate, and empower the community.

Karen Gaal Brings her Valuable Service and Support to Everyone in this Washington, D.C. Community.  With Karen Gaal She Can Guarantee That: You Are Seen, You Are Heard And You Will Be Served With Compassion and Justice. You Deserve Security, You Deserve Respect and You Deserve A Commissioner Who Cares About You.

Karen Gaal Adds Value to the ANC 1B04 Neighborhood

Karen’s ANC 1B04 Service Goals:

Working to reduce civic issues, boost outreach in the community, and empower the neighborhood.

Working on supporting residents’ educational attainment at every stage of life to give neighbors opportunities to live happy, purposeful lives.

Working on and promoting health, wellness and equity across the neighborhood for every resident to flourish.

Working and committed to bringing jobs and opportunity to the neighborhood, supporting small and local businesses, diversifying the economy, and connecting more residents to DC-sustaining careers.

Working to build a safer, stronger neighborhood by ensuring investment in our housing needs, infrastructure, public safety, transportation, community agencies, enhancing transparency and ties between police and community members, and increasing accountability in government.

Working to always support our neighborhood youth to feel loved, challenged, and prepared to thrive and positively influence our society.

Karen Gaal supports making the City and the ANC a great place for Everyone! Karen has worked on countless initiatives for the Washington, D.C. community to solve problems and provide services to those in need. Karen works hard to promote consistent improvement in health and wellness, education, affordable housing, and public safety.

Karen has dedicated herself to supporting and representing all community members. Karen Gaal’s guiding principles are sincere compassion, justice and integrity which is shown in all of that she is doing.

✅Karen is the Highly Valued Newly Appointed Chair of the ANC 1B04 Civic Association

✅ Karen Gaal is the Ward 1 CERT Team Leader and DC CERT Ward 1 Councilwoman

✅️ Karen Gaal has served as the Program Director for a philanthropy organization for over 27 years and she is well known as a Social Change “Entrepreneur,” Karen has founded and led multiple programs, projects and organizations with success.

✅ Karen Gaal is the Washington, D.C. Neighborhood Watch Commissioner and Community Leader

✅Karen Is Present at the Neighborhood Meetings and Keeps in touch with Neighborhood Concerns.

✅Karen provided Oral and Written proposals to the DC City Council Committee of the Whole on DC’s Comprehensive Plan Amendment

✅Karen is working to create positive Public Safety and Community interactions through Education, Awareness and Support.

✅Karen Gaal is a Proactive, Forward-thinking ANC Community Leader who offers community residents, and the city’s government her valuable suggestions for ways to improve the ANC 1B04 area along with the confidence and strong support of neighbors and area businesses.

✅Karen works hard to bring together neighbors to meet and get to know each other in the ANC 1B04 community.

Karen supports the development of more affordable housing for essential workers, long term residents, seniors and students.

✅Karen Gaal offers a clear voice to the diverse community that she values and serves.

✅Karen works hard to keep neighborly relationships with the businesses and residents of the community.

✅Karen Gaal builds viable relationships with community members with innovative community services.

✅Karen Gaal is providing citizen oversight, action-oriented solutions and inclusion of everyone as part of the community’s Public Safety planning process.

✅Karen Gaal is helping to bridge the gap between all levels of Public Safety. Karen works hard to make sure that the community’s concerns are heard at all levels.

✅Karen Gaal is ensuring that Equality and Empathy is utilized in Labor and Workforce Development, and Community Engagement Spaces.

✅Karen is working hard to have local businesses employ neighbors and pay owed wages.

✅Karen Gaal is committed to Broadening Educational Programs and Opportunities for Students of All Ages

✅Karen makes it her job to see the data & statistics for community concerns but most of All She SEES the Names, families of the community that is affected!

✅Karen strongly believes that she can extend her leadership in addressing issues that do not reflect our values of social equality and bring about positive change throughout Washington, D.C.

Karen Gaal works tirelessly on issues that affect her community because of her strong value system.

Karen is working to address recent events that have demonstrated the importance of having Our collective community working together to address systemic social issues.

Karen Gaal supports helping tenants and homeowners have a positive living situation and adding more residential parking spaces, expanded sidewalks to include the bike lanes, improved rodent control, protected bike lanes, and improved public transit services.

Karen Gaal takes immediate action on issues facing the community.

Karen works hard to consistently get better lighting, cleaner sidewalks and alleyways in ANC 1B04. Karen sponsors a bi-weekly neighborhood clean-up.

Karen Gaal works tirelessly on issues that affect her community. She’s committed to ensuring that Equality and Empathy is utilized in the ANC 1B04 community.

Karen is working with leaders to find collaborative solutions to the continued inequities in housing, transportation, health care, education, and other areas contributing to Our social and emotional survival.

Karen works hard to remove environmental and safety hazards that harm the ANC 1B04 community.

✅Karen Gaal works with the Youth Community on life issues, helping to prepare them for leadership roles,
helping them to develop a strong sense of self, resiliency, and social skills, which empowers
them to make positive choices for their futures and reduce the risk of life-threatening behavior. This is done through teaching, modeling, and leadership activities that encourages civic engagement. Karen heads several mentorship initiatives for youth growing up in Washington, D.C. Karen created these opportunities for youth to be nurtured to move upward and onward as leaders. Her efforts and the strength of her example are certainly a push in the right direction.

Karen works hard to help keep vibrant green spaces and community gardens which aides to the physical health of the area.

Karen regularly attends ANC meetings and is a committee member of the 1B ABRA, Transportation, Public Safety, Economic and Development & Zoning Planning and Development Committees for ANC 1B as well as serving on the Citizens Advisory Council for the Third District, and Ward 1 FEMA Team Member.

Karen is running for ANC because she has the knowledge, skills and abilities to be very impactful for her neighbors and to make DC a better place for Everyone.