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Let me know what you need help with in the neighborhood and what changes you would like to see.

What community issues are most important to you? Local Transportation, Educational Systems – Schools, Public Safety,  Housing, Trash, Rodent Control, Parking, and Communication with Residents.

I’m passionate about addressing the need for a safe and healthy environment for all of my neighbors and visitors. We all have to feel comfortable with those who are responsible for serving us. We need to know that we won’t be killed, hurt, abused or overlooked because of our differences, mistakes, lifestyles, religion and race. We are all human beings trying to thrive and survive in this world and harm to anyone who wants to just live peacefully is UNJUST! We all want to see our love ones happy, healthy and in a great home, with enough income to live decently and health care and education to move forward in life. We need equal access to all of the city’s resources. We need a city budget and services to meet these requirements. We need consistency in addressing these services. We need to check in to make sure everyone is taken care of. We need to stop making excuses to residents and resolve issues.

How Can I Help Care for You As My Neighbor?