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Karen Gaal, Chairwoman MPD 3rd District Citizens Advisory Council

Karen Gaal personifies hard work, ingenuity, empathy and grace. Karen is a fully dedicated, enthusiastic and equipped
Representative of the Third District Community. Karen is a proven leader in the Washington DC, ANC 1B community where she continues to work hard for ANC 1B04 and ANC 1B05. Karen has an impeccable record and work ethic.

Karen Gaal’s purpose is to provide her public service and expertise through
actively enriching community service and volunteer participation.

Karen Gaal’s service involves community and local problem-solving; through consistent involvement and support of civic organizations, government, educational institutions and private programs throughout the District of Columbia

Karen Gaal has remained on target with service goals to maintain a healthy inclusive belonging environment for the community with a comprehensive vision that helps to improve the quality of life and social betterment in the Third District. Karen’s core plans are in Community growth with an educationally strategic plan for community building, public safety and service in Washington, D.C.

Karen Gaal is a Social Change “Entrepreneur,” As a Program Director for over 27 years she has founded and led multiple programs, projects and organizations.

Karen is a
Life long Ward 1 Washingtonian and deeply involved in Public Service.

Karen feels a deep Responsibility to all of the residents, businesses and visitors of the Third District Community and surrounding neighborhoods.

Karen knows that we’re tasked to do Our Civic Duty by Loving and Protecting Our Community. Karen says “your personal safety IS Public Safety Too” stressing empathy for others!

Karen puts her beliefs into Action through established Public Service.
Karen Serves on All of ANC 1B Community Advisory Boards and several Washington,  D.C. Citizen Advisory Commissions, National CERT Association, Serve DC, DC CERT Team as the Ward 1 Councilwoman and Ward 1 DC CERT Team Leader, National CERT Trainer and National CERT Program Manager, Neighborhood Watch Community Leader and is a Lifetime Girl Scout.

Karen is highly valued by the Third District and ANC 1B04 and ANC 1B05 Community. Karen was recently elected
Chairwoman of the
ANC 1B04 Civic Association, and CERT Team 1 Leader and, ANC 1B04’s Outstanding Public Engagement Leader!

She’s the Principal Owner of an Asset Management, Urban Advisory and Development Administration firm,  and Program Director for over 27 years and an Active Community Organizer and Community Educator. 

Karen’s Public Service is an investment that solves problems, expands opportunity, strengthens Our Community, and connects all of Our neighbors. This is the Goodness that’s needed for Our community. This Good Work is What Karen Is Does!

Karen brings her Valuable Service and Support to Everyone in this Washington, D.C. Community.

W Street Property Association

With Karen Gaal She Can Guarantee That: You Are Seen, You Are Heard And You Will Be Served With Compassion and Justice. She has what it takes to build and hold Our Community Together.

Karen is a part of this neighborhood’s rich culture and history. She wants to ensure everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the amenities the neighborhood offers. Karen wants to help make sure everyone who spends time here feels welcome, safe, and a part of the community.

Please Stay Safe &Vote

Karen Gaal’s heart and home is in the Third District

ANC 1B04 is on the northwest side of the U Street neighborhood and covers a wonderful residential and business area from 12th St. to New Hampshire Ave. south of Florida Ave., running along the U Street corridor from 14th to 15th St. NW. This area of Washington, D.C. is famously and historically known for Malcolm X Park, Ben’s Chili Bowl, Bus Boys & Poets, The African-American Civil War Museum, The Reeves Center, The Lincoln Theater and Anthony Bowen YMCA. This area has been an important African-American cultural and nightlife hub since the 1920s where local jazz greats like Duke Ellington performed. This area is now a Social and Political mecca where the citizens gather to demand Social, Economic and Equal Justice. This vibrant area is overflowing with new developments, lots of housing, trendy DJ lounges, great shopping all adding to the late-night buzz of the city. The residents and vibrant murals throughout area tell the rich history of ANC 1B04.